Saturday, March 20, 2010


At my apartment the planners planted a lot of ornamental cherry and other blooming trees. It is very pretty and makes living in an apartment better. There is a tree outside my bedroom window and it is blooming really early this year and the bees have arrived. I have some typical yellow and black bees, some that are mostly black, and the huge fuzzy bumble bees. These keep smacking against the window. The photo above is the best shot of the bumble bees that I could get. It is proving difficult to get a decent photo of one of these bees. This bee was hiding his head, but look at the yellow bee with all that pollen.

This photo is the best I took from my desk inside. Not sure if he is coming or going, but it tickled me.


JanelDudleyBeads said...

Great shots Lara! That is a pretty tree!

Anonymous said...

You've got bees already!? We have a few yellow jackets lazily flying around scouting for places to build, but no blooming flowers yet to bring the good bees!