Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Customer Appreciation

I love my customers. They keep me going and like my beads! I rarely get photos of my beads used as jewelry, but I get excited when I get a picture. I recently got the photo above from Evie Gauthier. I really like the way she combined the different lampwork beads into one harmonious necklace (my bead is the heart). Click here to see her necklace listed on Etsy: Deep River Necklace. Check out her website and her stunning jewelry: www.moonrabbitoriginals.com

Thebeadedlily mentioned my shop as one of her favorite's in her write up at analliteration blog.
I am so flattered, thanks Sarah. Picture of my bead in thebeadedlily's necklace:

Any other customers that want to send photos are always welcome.

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Lauren said...

Gorgeous creations by your customers!