Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Color Testing

Hi there. I don't do a lot of color testing, but bought some new glass and wanted to see how it worked. Frantz was out of Vetrofond light ivory when I was there last week. This is my favorite ivory and was so disappointed. I bought a new Odd lot: Vetrofond Cream.

The color of off white is fairly close to V. light ivory (not as yellow), so I was hoping it would react similarly with dark lines and little curdling. On each of these beads the Cream is the top color and V. light ivory on the bottom. The top bead has CIM Freeman and the bottom bead Gaia. You can see that on the top bead the reaction on the cream is faint and brown and on the ivory dark grey/black. On the bottom bead you can see that the reaction is more spread out (I was surprised with this reaction), but still has the dark line around the stringer.

I think I need to play more with this color to find out what cool reactions I can get.

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