Monday, June 21, 2010

More Little Critters

In early June I visited my mom and dad's extended family in Texas. My sister brought her adorable 7 month old Colin to see everyone. Colin was such a good baby and a trooper with all the changes in his routine: airline flights, car rides and tons of new strangers. He has huge brown eyes and they find that camera while getting pictures of him. He is a little ham.

He started eating solids better while we were in Texas, here he is with his favorite, a Texas Peach. He attacked that peach like it was the last food in the world.

The last photo of him is in Lubbock, Texas at Prairie Dog Town with his mom, my sister Erin. This is a place set aside for Prairie Dogs to be protected. They are free to move in and out of the area and in fact, in the photo below with the green grass, they had tunneled under the fence to the other side. They are pretty cute.

When I got home, I got another photo of a Chickedee. I think this is the best one yet, but still a little blurry.

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CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Lara, Colin is such a cutie. That first photo kills me! He is adoreable!