Saturday, January 29, 2011

ART - Glass Beads and Wood in Collaboration

I thought I would share some more non-jewelry applications for beads. I'm showing more collaborative work with my dad, David Lutrick, who is a woodturner. My dad is using my beads to accent his turned vessels.

I have given dad a lot of beads to use over the years as toppers for boxes (see below). These are usually beads that I was not 100% happy with (usually the colors didn't turn out like I wanted, or the end isn't perfect). Once he gets done with them, you can't tell. These little boxes are iron-wood (the dark) with cherry (maybe it is Madrone, I'm not sure).

Dad decided after 2 bags full, to use some of these beads to make Art, with a capital "A." The photo above is an in progress picture. He made this large flat Maple flat vessel (it is 21.75 inches in diameter x 4.5 inches tall). The beads are strung on stainless steal wire (ok mandrel rods, uncut) and bow up and out away from the wood. We are not sure how the public will respond to this Art, but it is always fun to work with my dad.

We didn't count the beads, but estimated there are 110 beads by me. See the tape measure for size comparison.


Lauren said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a fabulous collaboration, Lara! You've shown your dad's woodworking before and it is just beautiful. And the addition of your beads makes it so unique - I love it!

Lori said...

VERY cool, Lara! I think it's wonderful that you and your Dad can collaborate to create such beautiful things like these! *Ü*

alankarshilpa said...

Great idea. It just looks fabulous. Good luck dad and daughter projects .

Lara, I was looking for some glass breast cancer awareness beads. Do you mske them? I know I can probably get them from stores, but I wanted to try out my etsy friends first.Best wishes- Dita.

Lara Lutrick said...


I was not sure how to contact you. What type of beads were you looking for? I have made one set of specific Pink Ribbon beads
See link below. If you are intersted is something else, I could probably do it.

You can contact me easier on Etsy at