Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aspire to Wire Days 5 and 6

This handmade chain was day six of Aspire to wire. It is a  horseshoe shape with loops at the end that connect the loops together. I had some issues. I used colored wire and a lot of the color chipped off. I also hammered the rounds too much, so the large loops didn't really fit through the smaller loops. Next time I made it, I will not hammer as much and maybe make the loops a little larger. Here is is paired some with of my beads. I didn't like the amount of chipping I was getting, so instead of making a necklace, I stopped at a bracelet size for myself. I would like to see this done even smaller, it would be stunning, but a lot of work.

Day five was this  Cagey Coiled Clasp.  Check out the size of that thing?!?  I used the original measurements given, but in t he future I would make it much smaller. I don't think Kerry's look quite this big. The second cage was much better than the first I this has a lot of fun potention.

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