Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - Jewelry

My New Year's Resolution this year for my bead business is to focus on my jewelry and have a greater turn around at the gallery I have my work in, Up Front in Issaquah Washington.When I saw Kerry Bogart's new e-course, Aspire to Wire, I knew I would have a good start. I have admired her work for a long time and own her books, so I know that she does a great job at teaching in the written form. She is posted a new project every day for a month.

I'm a little behind, it started on Monday, but my wire order did not get here until today. I'll be posted my new jewelry here on my blog.

The jewelry may or may not be in order of that in the course, but I'm hoping to tweak and be inspired to try new things.

Aspire To Wire Day one, Go Team Bangle - I used Seahawks colors of bright green and blue. I wanted to add some of my lampwork, but didn't have a green or blue that matched so choose some red beads (even though there is no red in Seahawks). I think they really pop on this bangle. I forgot to order silver colored wire (and didn't want to use sterling on a practice bangle) so used gold colored. I think silver would look better. One really appealing design aspect is that this could be adjustable for different sized wrists.

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