Friday, November 28, 2008

Disc Beads

I love disc beads. Having not been able to make them for years I have looked fondly at those that could. My favorites are:, and the very first disk beads I saw many years ago were done by Carolyn Driver at

This year one of my goals was to learn to make disc beads. I have made a few and am getting better. I do have problems getting the consistent sizes and the perfectly round shape, but am continuing to try.

What I have learned is to turn down the heat as I like to work really hot, make sure I have enough glass melted when I start and, to learn to like the finished product, even if not perfectly round.

My goal is always to make matching shapes and sizes to use as earrings, however, I have yet to make a set that is the same. I have been using those beads to make pendants for necklaces. They look really good. The different shapes and sizes turn out a interesting pendant and one that is touchable and fun.

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