Sunday, December 14, 2008

If you are looking for a reason to buy beads, check this out.

Helen Simon wrote up this list and allowed people to share it. I thought I would post it here on my blog.

Ten Reasons to Buy Quality Lampwork Beads:
© copyright 2008, Helen Simon

1- It is original and unique art. No one else will own or wear it.
2- You can meet the artist in a cyber way thereby understanding your purchase. You can inquire about the inspiration. Most artists are delighted to talk about their work.
3- It will outlast quilts and even painted canvases, with proper care, perhaps for millennia. Ancient Roman beads are commonly available, even on Ebay.
4- Because of its longevity, it will enhance your portfolio, and provide inheritance for your heirs. What a lovely, thoughtful gift of art to your appreciative loved ones!
5- You can wear your art, expressing your daily mood, your ensemble often secondary to your Lampwork.
6- You can request custom work for a special occasion. Most artists are honored to help with special orders.
7- It is small, so easy to store with other precious treasures.
8- Your purchase will have inexpensive shipping because it is light.
9-Your unique Beads may inspire your original designs worthy of being published, winning contests and prizes.
10- It is FUN to buy, own, give, be inspired by, and wear

Some of my own:
A - It is beautiful.
B - The size fits everyone.
C - If you make your own jewelry, you can buy handmade beads for double the handmade goodness.
D - You can create custom jewelry to go with every outfit you wear.
E - Support artisians, not mass produced items.

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