Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I went to Gaffer Glass in Kent for Fire and Rain event (my local ISGB chapter). This glass is 96 COE and has great colors. It is made in New Zealand and is mostly used for glass blowing (vessels, ornaments, etc). I can not say enough wonderful things about the staff in Kent. They are very nice and so helpful each time I'm there.

I really like their glass, it is helpful that it is the closest glass store to my home.

(These earrings are made of Gaffer and are available at my 1000Markets site)

I like the transparent colors a lot, but mostly the lighter colors. Because their colors are used to do glassblowing and are very dense (so that when you blow them thin, the colors stays). Some of the colors you have to pull into a stringer to use as they are so dense. They are making more and more colors for the lampworker and coming out with new colors all the time. I got a new color today that they just got in. It is Chalcedony, it is supposed to be like Raku. Hope I can get it to work, I'm not so good with Raku.

As beautiful as the transparents are, I mostly like to use their opaques. I especially like Taxi Cab Yellow (not the right name, it is orange), Chartreuse, and Robin's Egg Blue (see the photo above).
Their veiled colors are great as well.

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Unknown said...

thanks Laura..
the girls were happy to see you..
and thanks so much for coming down..
mona & the gaffer girls
can't wait to meet you