Monday, July 11, 2011

Kent Cornucopia Days

I did another three day show this weekend. Yes, I said I would not do another one, but signed up for this one already. I have some observances and thoughts.

First off: I don’t really understand the three-day show concept. I work at my art/craft, but I also work as a nurse. I can’t be the only person that works at an outside job and wants to do art shows, but I have to take a day off to do so. There are not a lot of shoppers around on Friday. Hoping to find some artistic locals shows that are 2 weekend days.

Things I learned and observed at Kent Cornucopia Days.
In no particular order.....

· Love having a booth partner. YAY for Lori. Someone to talk do is great.

· YAY for Lori’s husband Kraig and daughter Katie for helping take down the booth and haul my stuff to the car. They made two trips while I made one. My gratitude is huge and they deserve KUDOS

· Three days is a long show, but I was less pooped after this show than the last, thanks to having a booth mate.

· Compliments on my artwork are wonderful. Seeing someone understand that I MADE the beads and appreciating the time and patience it takes is great. We had one very boisterous lady that was fun to watch.

· Having a booth neighbor that spend the entire show hacking up phlegm only to slurp it down again was so gross and I’m a nurse. Get some nasal spray Rob!

· Kent Cornucopia Days was all commercial and resale! I heard from some co-workers today that were able to walk around that there were 2 Avon booths, 2 Scency booths, and multiple of colors. Really?!? YUCK

· Sitting outside of Starbucks is a good way to drink and eat your profit away. Why are Frappuchinos so good???

· Starbucks letting fair goers use their clean restroom is cool. Didn’t have to use the port o potty once.

· Having a patient buy your work is very special, especially when you know that patients does not make a lot of money.

· Not remembering patient names is very embarrassing, especially since they all know my name.

· “People watching“ is fun and entertaining when there are no sales.

· Dog watching is better.

· Chameleon watching is surprising.

· Marching bands are cool, I don't care if it is dorky, they are really neat!


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the three day show thing. I've heard this before. All I think it does is give the organizer a reason to charge more money!

Lori looks cute! Glad her hubs and daughter was there!!

Lara Lutrick said...

Me too Holly!