Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aspire to Wire Days 3 and 4

I have day 3 and 4 of my on line wire class. You may have noticed that I have skipped day 2. That project is a little out of my comfort zone and I'm waiting on some supplies. I think I tackle it this weekend, maybe when watching the Seahawks game. 

Day 4 is the earrings above. Kerry posted this project this morning and I could not wait to get home to give them a try. I made the little black and white heart and paired it with a magenta coil. The arrow back end  needs some work, but you can see it is better than yesterday's day 3....

I made a shall pin. Kerry had made a pendant with a barrel bead, but I didn't have an barrels and I wanted my arrow to go through a heart. I found this bead in my stash (I made it of course) and thought it would be fun to try a horizontal design. You can see a sad back end for sure. I needed a larger loop in the front or a longer wire in the back to make a good pin, but it is a first try. 

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