Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FUN WEEKEND - Bead Retreat

This last weekend the Fire and Rain and ORBS chapters had their second annual retreat at Frantz Art Glass. We had demos of bead making, glass colors/types, chain maille and photography.

A HUGE THANKS to Leslie Thiel for organizing the retreat and for Frantz for allowing us to use their facility.
Leslie watching Robin make a Sunflower pendant. The top photo is also Robin making the pendant.

Susan Mason blowing shards (paper thin layers of glass) with Laura Maddams looking on. The second photos is close up of the shards before they are broken up. Just little bubbled of glass.

Jed Hannay of Double Helix Glassworks showing how to strike Terranova 2.1

Some glass in the warehouse at Frantz


justmichelle54 said...

Wow! Seeing the pictures of the bead process is great! We are glad to have you as part of the Artfire community!

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Dorothy L said...

Very cool indeed.
I have never tried glass blowing but I definitely admire those that can create beauty with it.
Have a very nice day!

Coloraddiction said...

Awesome - it looks like you guys had fun!! :)

Dogmaw said...

Wish I could have been there!

Lara Lutrick said...

Thanks everyone.

Thanks for reading my blog Michelle. I hope to have more luck soon on ArtFire

Dorothy - This is not glass blowing like vases and goblets, but the glass is wound on a metal rod to form a bead. Or in the first case kept solid to form a pendant. The blowing part of these pictures is blower paperthin shards of glass to use as decorations.

Kandice, you know it is lots of fun and we would have loved to have had you there.

Dogmaw, it is always fun at Frantz.

Audrey said...

Lucky you!! would love to see it in person, that looks so cool!

Coloraddiction said...

Just stopping by to let you know you have been tagged! :) Feel free to play or not, whatever you wish.