Sunday, May 17, 2009


Katie in a funny hat.

I just love going to arts and crafts fairs. Here in the Seattle area there are so many different ones to choose from. I have my favorites for different reasons. This weekend was the University District Street Fair. I like this one mainly because it is the first one in the summer season. It has some nice stuff, but also some more crafty stuff. In this case that is good. You can see some artists that are just starting out selling and that is fun to see. This street fair is celebrating their 40th anniversery this year. Their website said that it is the oldest in the nation (not sure on that). This year I went with my mom and friends Katie and Tara.

I bought this cool barret from Ellen Kay another lampworker and she also fuses. What is so cool about this fused glass is that she first made twisties with a vitrigraph (vitrograph) then fused them into the barrett. Very cool. I have a top for work that this will match really well.

Another fun thing about art fairs is the people watching. This is Seattle Bag Man, a guy dressed in plastic bags to promote not using them.


Anonymous said...

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Swapna said...

Hello? Could you recommend an annealing kiln for a beginner in lampworking?

Lara Lutrick said...

Swapna. I use a tool box kiln, but the kiln I use is no longer being made. I would suggest talking with a distributor like Frantz or Arrow Springs to see what may fit your needs.