Monday, June 1, 2009


ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Have you tried ArtFire yet? It is a similar selling venue as Etsy. They are offereing their Free For Life FREE-RIDE program : AGAIN!! This time the price is $12 per month for members as long as your account is active (normally $20/month).

Now when a member gets 12 new verified $12 a month members she earns a Free Ride AND the member can give a Free Ride to someone else too.

I like Artfire and have had a few sales so far, waiting for more. :-)

Reasons I like Artfire.
1. The Administrators are very responsive. I have emailed twice and gotten quick responses, even on the weekend.
2. The search fuction works well.
3. The new studio customization fuction. You can upload not only your banner, but change the colors, links and layout.
4. No listing fees and no final fees due when my items sell.

HERE to sign up and this will link to me as the referral. If I get the 12 referrals. I'll offer my extra free ride to someone that has used me to sign up.

A recent bead I listed on ArtFire. Click on the picture to link to the sale page.

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