Monday, January 3, 2011

Late Christmas Fun

Colin in the park

My sister and her son were here this weekend for an after Christmas visit. My parents and I had a Christmas celebration on that day, but we had most fun when Erin and Colin came to visit. Erin lives in California so we don't see her all that often and now that she has a son, it is harder for her to travel, so we were happy she came. Colin is the cutest boy ever! He is not a big talker, but is good at Mama and Dog.

Mommy demostrating horse. Giddiup

He was so much fun to be around, it is a big let down now that they are gone. I wish that they lived closer. Colin liked his Christmas gift from me which was a hand crocheted Hobby Horse. He could not hold it upright, but could pick it up and carry it around upside down, which I was impressed with. I made the eyes out of lampwork buttons, they are OK, but I'm proud of them none the less.

Nice Horsey

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