Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolutions - Spend Less on Glass

Funny chart by David Houpt and is exactly my problem.

Do you have New Year's Resolutions for your craft/hobby/artwork? I have had goals/New Year’s Resolutions for the last two years. I did well 2 years ago with making brighter beads. I made lots of fun and bright beads and I have continued to try to do this.

Last years my goals were to: 1 - More intricate detail in designs for beads. (I sort of did more of this, but not in the direction I was thinking I wanted go go (but that is a good thing, right?)) 2 - Sculptural type beads. (I didn’t do this (frankly I forgot about it)). 3 - Increase in number of local galleries. (hmmm… I didn’t do this either (see #2)).

My silver glass drawer. I don't want to think about the money sitting there.

This year I have a simpler goal, spend less on glass. My original goal was going to be to spend no money on glass, but that is a little unrealistic. As many lampworkers will tell you, there are certain colors you cannot live without. For me I would like to say I can’t live without Clio or Gaia or Striking color, but in fact, I think I can (eek). At the bare minimum I need to use up the glass I have before I buy more. Plain and simple! I don’t NEED to buy glass just because it is on sale and a good deal. I WANT to buy glass what it is on sale.

The colors that are going to be on my exception list (but only to be bought when I’m out) are: clear, black, white and ivory (but Vetrofond Light Ivory every comes back, all bets are off!).

The draw with my least favorite colors (yellow, orange and red). That bundle in the middle, that is my 2nd pound of Coral Sunrise/Sunset (can't remember the name). I have another pound in my top drawer.

I spent an obscene amount on glass last year. I just added it up and it was over $1000. Sheesh, that is just crazy! A substantial amount of that was on Lori and Kim murrini, not the majority, but I was surprised when I looked at my month to month and saw how much it was. They make the prettiest murrini and I love the little pretty bits of glass. I actually use up their murrini fairly fast, but I have several baggies that have not been all used up. So, sorry to say to them, I will need to control the urge until ALL the murrini are used up before buying more. This will be difficult and I have already called on my friend and fellow lampworking Lori Bergmann to help me out and talk me down if I get out of control.

This summer is going to be difficult. I have two glass events. The first is the Glass Art Society conference in Seattle in June, I don’t know if they have vendors, but if they do I may have contorol issues. The second one is the Frantz Art Glass Bash. This is a big get together and sale at their shop in Shelton Washington. We’ll see how I’m doing year to date and if I’m doing great, I will splurge there for sure, gotta get those Double Helix odd lots when I can, right? Oh that sounds so bad, not in keeping up with the goals already.

As you can see, part of the problem are my glass boxes. I do not torch at my own home, but in my parent's garage. I would love a large cabinet with individual places for each color, but I wanted something that was a little smaller so that it didn't take up their entire garage and would be more kitty proof. However, what is hard to see in these photos (but maybe not) is that I have glass 3-4 layers deep. So, when I do go shopping, I think I need and color, but get home and find the colors. Yes I need a spread sheet, but I know myself, I won't keep it up well.

What are your New Year's Resolutions

My 96 COE boxes. Yes they are on the floor. I don't recommend this as spiders like the boxes.


marjenann said...

I give up!! You have more glass than me!! But it is so gosh darn pretty!!!!

Lara Lutrick said...

I know all those pretty colors suck you in.

Dawn M. Lombard said...

I am sucker for sales too!!! :)

Lauren said...

I don't even want to add up my Lori and Kim purchaes - omg. I have a ton of that glass candy! I agree - black, white, clear and ivory are all must haves. The problem for me is when I run out of black, I order more plus whatever else is on sale or pretty or catches my eye at the moment. I'm down to two rods of white right now, so I have to think about a nice controlled glass order of just the basics. This is a very bold resolution, Lara, but I totally get it. Good luck!

Lara Lutrick said...

Glad I'm not the only one that buys what is pretty and on sale. It is so hard living withing driving distance of Frantz.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I'm thinking we all need to order for each other. When I need something, I'll give you my info and just order what's on my list. I'll do the same for you!

I've spent TWO days cleaning off a table with all the glass I ordered since summer. Yeah, I needed it so bad it sat on a table for six months!

This is a disease!

Lara Lutrick said...

I aghree HOlly. I have glass I haven't touched in years. Maybe we need a glass/tool exchange