Monday, April 4, 2011

Customer Appreciation

As a lampwork glass bead maker I make supplies for other people's artwork. It is a little odd as I don't get to see how a particular bead will be used very often and I love to see how my beads are used. Sometimes an artist will send a photo to me and sometimes I stumble across the jewelry myself (usually during a self Goggle - that sounds a little hinky doesn't it). The bracelet above was found that way. I came across Debi Auger's website and blog where she had this bracelet listed as her January fundraiser for The National Cervical Cancer Coalition . I was very honored. As an RN I'm familiar with cervical cancer and work with women daily in ways to prevent cervical cancer. Check out Debi's site where the bracelet is showcased and her ArtFire site where it is for sale. Come to find out, Debi is a big fan of handmade lampwork beads and has been spreading the word on Facebook and her website about the beauty of handcrafted beads. Thanks so much Debi.

The photo above is from Michelle Plumb whom is also a big supporter of handmade glass beads. She has titled this piece "All Hail Queen Alice!" She has taken beads from multiple artisits and put them together wonderfully. My beads are the heart in the center and the gold bead just below. Great job Michelle.


Debi said...

Hi Lara! Thanks for showcasing my bracelet! I'm glad you like it and got to see it. Thank YOU for creating such beautiful beads for us jewelry designers to use :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful work Lara to have on your site. You have a great jewelry designer.