Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Beads and Bead to Orbit

I seems like the Shuttle Launch is a go for tomorrow morning. I sure hope so, my little bead is ready to go. Check out the last launch at 8:56am EST. Wish it was a little later for those of us on the west coast. YAY for TIVO. Check out my blog post for more about my bead in space.

I also listed some new beads today. The first set is a turquoise and orche set. Very Retro and the second set as some fun summery colors. Click on the photos for links to the Etsy.


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Sharon Driscoll said...

Loving the "Retro" Lara. I don't have a bead flying on the Endeavor but it sure would be fun to see them blast off. You Go Girl!