Monday, May 30, 2011

Fire Divas' Beads of Courage Auction

My lampworking promotion group, The Fire Divas, have collected a group of great handmade lampwork beads to auction off to honor of the Beads Of Courage program. All of the proceeds from this eBay auction HERE will go directly to Beads Of Courage and make it possible for the brave boys and girls battling cancer throughout the United States to enjoy the amazing outreach and cancer support that this wonderful program provides. Not only will you be helping to put a smile on their faces, but you will receive 19 handmade Collector beads that you will cherish for a lifetime!!!

The beads shown were donated by 13 different Fire Diva artisans, who also created a similar set that will be sent directly to Beads of Courage for the children to choose from and enjoy. This is your unique opportunity to pitch in and lend a helping hand to this amazing organization too!

The beads you will be getting include:

* Lovely free-form organics
* A pair of Disney inspired "Magical Mouse" ears
* A sporty roadster car
* A Space Ship with a monkey (THIS IS MY BEAD! Very similar bead was just launched into space on the last space shuttle mission)
* Fun and festive graphic designs
* A sweet chocolate cupcake (calorie free, of course)
* Happy "critter" face beads
* And the cutest pair of tiny green inchworms!

In addition to this special auction event, we would like to offer another opportunity to our customers and fans: for everyone who places a bid (whether you win or not), or donates directly during the auction week to Beads of Courage via their website, please leave a comment on our blog post. You will be entered to win some great prizes from more of the Fire Diva members, chosen by a random drawing.

Please help us spread the word about our first Annual Beads of Courage Auction and don't forget that the bidding will end on Wednesday, June 1st at 6 pm PST. Thank you so much for your support! *Ü*

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