Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lampworking Retreat

Racks of Glass at Frantz

This weekend was the annual NW region ISGB retreat at Frantz Art Glass. It was a lot of fun. We had mini workshops and demos, and of course shopping! I did really well controlling my budget and only spent about $100 on glass. The mini workshops were on viking knit (I did double for the first time) and pearl knotting (we used our lampwork beads of course).

I used some random silver glass bead for my bracelet and they look really good together. I did have problems with the end of thread knots, they stuck way outside of the beads. Not sure what I did wrong, but I'm thinking I need to tighten the knots more, no one else had this problem.

Here is Felicia Wartnik in her blinged up kevlar gloves showing how to apply enamel with the enamel sifter. I'm telling you I need to have one of these!

Jed of Double Helix Glassworks showed which flames and how to work the flame to get the best reducting and striking in his glass. Check out how far out his glass is! He explained if you use the outer flame the slower the glass is to strike/reduce, this giving you time to do it correctly and not over strike/reduce.

This Judith Billing showing us how to use shards. In the first photo on the left I have drawn around the shard to see it.

This is Kathy Johnson making a Westie dog. Super cute, picked up some good sculpture tips from this master glass sculpture.

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Lea Avroch said...

lucky girl! Wish I was there!