Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At the Gathering Vicariously - Surface Exhibit

I was unable to go to the Gathering this year, but a little bit of me was there, this bead! The Gathering is the annual convention of the International Society of Glass Beadmaker (ISGB) and this year was held in Louisville Kentucky. I have been twice before (Portland and Oakland) and am super super super excited that in one year (almost to the day) the Gathering will be here in the Seattle area. I can not wait! Seeing people that I haven't seen in several years, learning new techniques, selling at the Bazaar, volunteering with my local chapter, seeing great demos and hopefully taking some classes. Can you tell I'm excited??? I'm so stoked that I have my vacation request filled out at work ready to turn in the first day we can turn in for next summer (pathetic I know).

Back to this bead........

This bead was included in a juried exhibit called: Surface. The instructions for this exhibit boiled down to make something under the surface or on top of the surface of a bead. Sounded like a open call to me. I have this cased bead with a murrini on top. This is the first bead I have made specially for an exhibit. In the past I had submitted beads I already had on hand. I made this bead and this bead only and it turned out great!

My beading buddy Donna was so sweet, so took some photos of the exhibit for me. My bead is the second from the left on the right sided podium.

The venue looks really nice. Someplace I would love to look around in.

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Beadwright said...

Wow great glass and a great place to gather.