Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aspire to Wire Day #13 - Chevron Pendant

I am a little backed up on my Aspire to Wire projects, but here is Day 13, a chevron pendant. I'm the first to admit, I don't get the whole big deal with chevrons. Sure, it is an ancient symbol, a military rank symbol, and  apparently an architectural word (which was new to me).  I'm not a big fan in jewelry and it seems that I am seeing the chevron pop up everywhere these days in jewelry. When Kerry included her Chevron in the e-course I was a bit disappointment. I thought: "I'm not going to wear this, it isn't my style." But, since I'm trying to push my boundries and make as many of the projects as I can (there are a couple that I don't have the tools for), I thought I would make it.

Guess what, I love it! Kerry had an Ombre version in the instructions and I had almost the same colors so I made it and I should have worn it today, it totally matched my scrub top.

It wasn't the easiest wire project I have done, but once I finished it was a very satisfactory project. Kerry has great instructions and is a great motivator.

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