Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I thought I would share some non-jewelry applications for beads. Many lampworkers started to make beads to use in our jewelry and I use beads for jewelry most of the time. Recently I have started to collaborate with my father, David Lutrick, who is a woodturner. My dad is using my beads to accent his turned vessels.

Last summer my dad and I entered two items for ConneXtions: A Collaborative Effort Between Wood and Glass. This show was in conjunction with the International Society of Glass Beads (ISGB) 2007 yearly convention in Minneapolis and the local gallery of the American Association of Woodturners in St. Paul MN. I am a member of the former and my dad the latter.

In the first picture you see a stem of this Goblet made with my beads and the cup and the foot made by my dad. Beads are Gaia, Ivory, Brown & Clear glass and the wood is Cherry. This was my design.

The second picture was my father's design. Beads are Ivory decorated with shards of Gaia, Kronos and dots of Opal yellow. The wood is Cherry.

In the third picture is a group shot of some of our more recent items. The bowl on the far left is Cherry with a Walnet finial. The center item is Madrone with a finial of Walnet and the bowl on the right is Madrone with a Iron Wood finial.

All Photos by David Lutrick


Moi said...

Phenomenal pieces! Just beautiful :o)

Lara Lutrick said...

Thanks J