Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pantone 2014 fall colors and lots of work.

I had the last two weeks off for vacation, but I really didn't take a vacation, I just worked at my second job, making beads. I really like my normal job, nursing, but lampworking is so much fun and I took the opportunity to make beads for my upcoming show, Tacoma Bead Bash. For the last few shows I have made a rainbow of bead sets with the typical ROYGBIV color wheel, but for this show I figured I would use the Pantone 2014 colors for my inspiration. On the Pantone chart I saw some colors I knew which glass colors I would use right away, but others, I was not sure. I also wanted to use transparent colors to layer if I could.  Some of these colors didn't lend themselves for layering, but most did. For these disks, I did not do much layering, but have included the colors I used below for other beads, photos to come in the future. In addition to these disk beads I made 4 sets of round beads with six beads each (minimum). I finished my sets today. Whew.

Below I have from the left to the right the colors I used on my disks in the photo above.

For the aluminum I used Effetre gray steel (#084). I should have used just regular gray. The steel gray is too blue. I had thought I was using the regular, but when I was done, noticed it was the steel.   I was disappointed that it doesn't match the Pantone color, but I do prefer this gray. In my round beads I used the gray steel over Effetre gray pearl pastel (#268).

For the bright cobalt I used CIM trade winds (#51123). This colors is very dense, so on round beads I cased white with the trade winds, then to damp down the color, cased in Effetre Gray. For the disks I did not do this, but you can see the color here peeking out here and there. 

For aurora red I used Effetre red transparent (#076) over white. I think the aurora red is a bit more orange, but since this red is striking and can sometimes have yellow/orange overtones it was fitting. I think Effetre light red opaque would be a good opaque color for aurora red. 

For cypress I used Effetre sage transparent (#019) (in my round beads over Effetre sage opaque (#211).  I was really happy with this combination.Over cream and ivory in my disks above, it look much brighter.The cypress is a bit more yellow than the sage, I'm wondering if casing the sage in yellow or topaz would get a better matching color.

For sangria I used Bullseye cranberry (#1311) over petal pink (#421).  I found this combination one of the the most successful matches as far as matching the Pantone color. I just love Bullseye pinks, they sparkle like crazy. 

For cognac I used CIM maple (#511780).  For the round beads I used it over Effetre sage. Unfortunately I had some compatibility issues with this combination and will need to remake the beads with a different base color. Here the glass over ivory or cream looks very yellow (4th form the right). Not as much in person. I think it must be the camera or lights. The combination of the CIM maple over sage is a nice brown, but a bit too dark for the cognac. I'm thinking woodie (#755) or Choco-Latta (#727) (if you still have it) might be better. Cognac has a lot of red/pink to me.

For the mauve mist I used Bullseye mauve. I can't find this on their website and it looks like it is no longer available, but it is a perfect match to my eyes. This was one of the colors that I didn't have a transparent to case it with, but when I did I used clear and it lightened the color a lot. Unencased was better.

For the misted yellow I used CIM honey mustard (#511306) cased with Effetre topaz light transparent (#012). The topaz is a bit too brown, but when I used Effetre yellow transparent (#008) it was a bit too light (and has a green tinge weirdly). This combo is OK, it doesn't match as close as I thought it would before I melted the glass, but it is a pretty color. The honey mustard is a dead ringer for misted yellow before it is heated. I did find the it is very very close to Effetre opal yellow, my all time favorite color.

Finally I used Effetre purple premium opaque pastel (aka EDP, #254). There is no other color to use in my mind to match the color of the year: radiant orchid. This color also doesn't lend itself well to casing, so no transparent glass in my sets.

Bead show is August 15-17th 
Freight House Square - Rainier Room
(Close to Tacoma Dome)
430 E. 25th St., Tacoma, Wa 98421
$3.00 Admission & Free Parking


Suzanne said...

As ever, a wonderful array of sumptuous beads and great colors! Well done!

kimforbeads said...

fabulous I always love your work.

Shai Williams said...

Oh yay! I live in Tacoma and wasn't aware of this bead show. Thank you so much for the heads up!