Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Pantone Fall 2014 Colors, Easier to see colors

More Pantone 2014 colors to mimic the fall colors.  These show the colors better than the disks in the previous post. My goal with these set was to layer transparent and opaque colors for added depth. Colors from left to right.

For aurora red I used Effetre red transparent (#076) over white. I think the aurora red is a bit more orange, but since this red is striking and can sometimes have yellow/orange overtones it was fitting, but turned out bright and rich.  I'm not sure which color would be closer in a transparent red, any ideas would be welcome. 

For sangria I used Bullseye cranberry (#1311) over petal pink (#421).  I found this combination one of the the most successful matches as far as matching the Pantone color.

For radiant orchid I used Effetre purple premium opaque pastel (aka EDP, #254). There is no other color to use in my mind to match the color of the year. This color also doesn't lend itself well to casing, so no transparent glass in these beads. 

For the aluminum I used Effetre gray steel (#084) over Effetre gray pearl pastel (#268). I should have used just regular transparent gray. The steel gray is too blue.   I was disappointed that it doesn't match the Pantone color, but I do prefer this gray.

For the mauve mist I used Bullseye mauve. I can't find this on their website and it looks like it is no longer available, but it is a perfect match to my eyes. This was one of the colors that I didn't have a transparent mauve to case it with, but in this set I used clear, which lightened the color. Unencased is better match to the Pantone color

For the bright cobalt I used CIM trade winds (#51123). This colors is very dense, so  I cased white with the trade winds, then to damp down the color, cased in Effetre Gray.

For cypress I used Effetre sage transparent (#019) over Effetre sage opaque (#211).  I was really happy with this combination.
For the misted yellow I used CIM honey mustard (#511306) this set cased with Effetre yellow transparent (#008)/ This combo is OK, it doesn't match as close as I thought it would before I melted the glass, but it is a pretty color. 

For cognac I used CIM maple (#511780).  For the round beads I used it over Effetre sage.

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