Monday, September 22, 2014

Color Testing - Gaffer Clear

I'm super late to review this new clear glass I got from Gaffer. Last Nov I got a sample clear that was great over non reactive colors, but not so good with silver infused glasses from Double Helix. See my post here:   I made several new samples to compare and the new clear is much better. I see much less difference in the colors. The major issue with the previous batch was that the clear reacted with the clio and turned very green, see the link.

One the top bead the color above the goldstone is Double Helix Zepher and the bottom is the Gaffer. I see very little different here, slightly green on the top, but also on the bottom.

The 2nd bead shows Gaffer on the top and Zepher on the bottom, you can see there is more green for sure.

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